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Spotify Recommendations, go home, you're drunk

Spotify Recommendations, go home, you're drunk

I don't have kids nor do I listen to accordeon music, I never share my credentials with others. Why are 90% of the recommendations suddenly albums for children and accordeon music? Is my account being hacked? 




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Hi there Mrbngle, welcome to the Community. Have any of your playlists or your saved music library changed? It might just be that Spotify wants you to branch out and listen to different types of music, or the algorithm has played up a bit. How about checking out the playlists in Browse. Different ones are pushed out at different types of the day and there's always something good up there. Please bare in mind that Spotify Recomendations are only recommendations and sometimes, it might not reflect what you're after.


If you are really worried about someone on your account, it might be worth going to, changing your password and then pressing "Sign Out Everywhere". This way, you'll change your password and all devices which are currently signed in to your Spotify account will no longer have access. Yay! Remember to sign back in - we'll miss you!


For now, how about checking out what others in the Community are listening to right now. Here on the Community we share playlists, tracks and more in The Green Room. If you're looking for fun and cool recommendations, that's where you should be looking! After a few listens of music you're in to, Spotify Recommendations will start recommending like a pro again! Best of luck!

Starting out but ready to make a difference 🙂

Hi Rising Star, 


Thanks for your reply, and sorry for my somewhat late reply. My cat died just after I posted my message. 


The wrong recommendations seemed to be a glitch, everything is back to normal again (except for my cat unfortunately).


Cannot imagine that Spotify wants to broaden my taste with  music for children. It was a good try though.




R.I.P. Mevrouw de Vries, the most awesome cat ever lived.


You never know what Spotify might do! I've never had a pet sadly, but I'm sure Mevrouw de Vries was as magnificent as his name is. My heart goes out to you. 🙂
Starting out but ready to make a difference 🙂

Thanks. She was a she. 'Mevrouw' is Dutch for 'Miss'

I'm not very good at foreign languages. Sorry! Her heart will go on. ❤️
Starting out but ready to make a difference 🙂

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