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Spotify can't reconnect to network after system suspend

Spotify can't reconnect to network after system suspend







x86 Desktop

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Debian 10 GNU/Linux


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I'm on Debian, and find that when I suspend my machine to save power, on resume Spotify doesn't reconnect to the network.

I believe my desktop environment is essentially just doing `systemctl suspend`.

However, when I wake up my system, the Spotify desktop app can't connect, showing error code 4.

Interestingly, even if I close and restart Spotify (even killing all of its processes with `pkill`), the client still can't connect. Only a full system restart seems to work.

No other applications on my machine have network connectivity issues on suspend. Are there any troubleshooting or information gathering tasks I could do to shine light on this issue?

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Another interesting development:

I've found with experimentation that if I start the computer, DO NOT start Spotify, suspend, resume, and then start Spotify, the error (4) still occurs.


So there must be some sort of system state that Spotify expects to be true, which is not when you wake after suspend.

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