Spotify client on Debian issues


Spotify client on Debian issues


I have spent the last day trying to get Spotify to work properly in Debian Jessie. I have used the information on the Debian wiki which is the same as that on the Spotify site for installing in Linux:


I have also tried both stable and testing versions as well, and both come to nothing: the client installs and then after a while it has to be started from the terminal and gives the following error repeatedly:


[0418/] InitializeSandbox() called with multiple threads in process gpu-process. 

[0418/] OnReadFrameDone result=-541478725 IsMaxMemoryUsageReached=0


Is there any workaround or solution to this? Or is Spotify not working on the app for Linux?


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Re: Spotify client on Debian issues

Casual Listener

apt remove spotify-client; apt update && upgrade; apt install spotify-client

and try again?


I had no problems with spotify on jessie, but maybe I had a non-free repo that you don't have?


try spotify-client --show-console, maybe you locate the problem easier.


Is there a actual problem because of the error, or does the app work?