Spotify connect problems - Linux to Linux


Spotify connect problems - Linux to Linux

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Spotify connect doesn't work between two Linux machines on my home network.


Everthing is fine on both when connecting to Android phones or Windows machines. The connect system works as it should.


The linux machines don't detect each other and will quite happily both play different tracks at the same time. I didn't think this was possible. None of the tracks were downloaded for offline mode.


I wanted to control my Linux media PC (which is connected to my hifi) from my linux laptop, as I'm quite often using the laptop when listening to music. It would save me from having to use my android phone as a remote.


Has anyone else had this issue?

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Re: Spotify connect problems - Linux to Linux


Just run into this now. Have my laptop and work desktop next to each other on my works network. I can see my Amazon Dots ah home and my phone from both machines. Neither laptop can see the other. They can both play songs simultaniously. Running up to date Arch Linux on both systems with the latest Spotify client in the AUR. I guess they just haven't got round to doing a full connect implimentation in the linux client yet.