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Spotify crashes and/or hang the computer

Spotify crashes and/or hang the computer



I'm using the Linux client on a Debian 8.10 installation running on an HP Elitebook 840G1. The client has been working flawlessly for me up until today. I was trying to listen to the podcast "Vetenskapsradion", today's episode and it won't work with different error scenarios depending on what I've been doing before.


From a clean start the client will crash. When clicking on it while playing another song, the computer will go into hard-freeze mode and I have to force power off by keeping the power button pressed for more than three seconds.


Is this reproducible by anyone else?

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I can reproduce it. The client crashes when playing any episode from Sveriges Radio. I haven't experienced a hard-freeze with the need to power off. That sounds more serious, but more like a fault with window manager, X or kernel. A crashing program shouldn't be able to take down your system like that.


It has been fixed internally, but can't be released until 1.0.80.


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