Spotify mutes itself when system sounds play


Spotify mutes itself when system sounds play

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Ubuntu Linux 18.04.1 LTS


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 The desktop audio player, along with several other audio players, randomly mute, but not so randomly, it happens whenever a system alert sound plays. Thanks to this topic:


I already found a solution, but I'm adding more to the topic, in case anyone finds this, since the other topic is already locked.


You don't need to reboot after making the change to /etc/pulse/, where you need to comment out the line that loads the module named module-role-cork.


You can issue the following command, without even using sudo, to unload it from the running instance of PulseAudio, so it takes effect immediately:


pactl unload-module module-role-cork


It's supposed to "stick a cork" in your streaming audio or video, whenever a communications audio stream starts playing. Unfortunately, it seems that all system notification sounds have the same stream identification, so they mute everything as well. What a shame.