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Spotify now has a Snap package as well

Spotify now has a Snap package as well

Hey guys,


Just to let everyone know, Spotify is now also available as a Snap package. It can be easily installed in any distro supporting Snaps by browsing the Snap store, or through the Software Center in Ubuntu.


You now don't have to use the command line anymore to use Spotify. But as far as I know, this Snap is maintained by the community. The "official" method (the deb installer) is obviously also still available.

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You can find instructions how to install Spotify for Linux at


The page was updated just before Christmas.


The snap package is maintained by Spotify, just like the debian package. We have however received lots of help from Canonical and bug reports from users here and on the snapcraft forum


From now on, the snap package will be preferred, that we will guide users toward, but the debian package will still be available for now.

Ooh I see, sorry I didn't notice that. I saw a lot of questions about it lately so thought might share it here as well.


Thanks for adopting Snap packages and supporting Linux. 🙂 You're doing an amazing job and appreciate the efforts for a tiny platform like Linux!

Speaking of "the snap package is now preferred".


Integration of Spotify controls with the system tray's sound menu looks broken for snap-based installation. See this post. Not sure though if this is caused by Snappy packaging itself, or by a bug in 1.0.70. DEB-based installation of 1.0.69 worked fine.


Any support on this would be very appreciated.



I cannot find the snap package!

Snap is installed, 16.04LTS

Spotify is not found in the software centre.

sudo snap install spotify returns an error message "spotify not found"

snap find spotify returns:

Name       Version  Developer  Notes  Summary
tizonia    0.11.0   tizonia    -      Tizonia command-line cloud music player.
vsslagent  1.7      vssl       -      VSSL REST api.

the snaplink for spotify on uAppexplorer is not working either.


Is it just me, or is everyone having this problem as well?  Is it just a temporary thing?



@Andrew1964  - looks like you're running an 32-bit Linux installation? Spotify is currently only built as a 64-bit snap. That's likely why it doens't show up for you. I don't know if Spotify plan to push a 32-bit build to the store.

You are correct - I didn't realise snap was 64 bit only. Not sure why I was able to install snap in the first place - looks like its back to deb packages for me!





Thanks. Is there a reason why the snap version will not save settings? For example, crossfade. It resets everytime I start Spotify

@daneshmanoharan wrote:

Thanks. Is there a reason why the snap version will not save settings? For example, crossfade. It resets everytime I start Spotify

It is a known bug (in Mac/Win as well):


It has been fixed and will soon be released.

For my cache space, is it possible to save outside of the snap package? I normally have a dedicated disk for my caching but in the snap spotify I can't browse out of the snap.

Good question about moving the cache. If the spotify developers add the "removable-media" plug, then you could potentially move the cache to another disk, and symlink it from the snap folder. I haven't tested that, but it should work.

This is just great. I'm using it and it works without problems. Thank you. 

Have you managed to test this?


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