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Spotify on Mycroft Smart Speaker

Spotify on Mycroft Smart Speaker

Spotify just disabled API access for the Mycroft smart speaker.  I can no longer use it to listen to the Spotify account I pay for.


This is really frustrating.  The skill was community developed and maintained and worked fine.  Now I can't access my Spotify account via voice without having Amazon, Google or Apple spying on me.


29 Replies

I pay for a Spotify membership, I don't understand why I can have my Mycroft smart speaker accessing the API...

I frequently use Spotify on my Mycroft, so removing this has been a big disruption to my regular routine.

Please fix this. I'm a paying user and cannot access my Spotify account via the device anymore.

Is it possible to get an official answer from Spotify on this? If enabling the API is not an option and won't be in the foreseeable future at least being transparent about it would be great. I agree that only disabling the open source option does not give the best impression and smells a bit.

Same for me. Please fix this issue or at least get in touch with the Mycroft team. They are desperatly trying to contact you

+1, paying subscriber to Spotify Family and would like to be able to listen w/ my Mycroft devices

Yes why not give Mycroft API access

I too am interested in learning when Spotify intend to resolve/re-instate this service? As I'm paying for Both Spotify & MyCroft specifically because MyCroft was supported by Spotify I think it's rather poor form to just stop the service without any notice much less explanation! 

Yes, I too would like to know when Spotify plan to re-establish the service! As I'm paying for Both Spotify & MyCroft When will you re-instate support for MyCroft???????

Another spotify user that wants to use mycroft and not have to work around Spotify's arbitrary garden walls (Amazon, sure.  Mycroft, never).  C'mon Spotify, fix this.

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