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Spotify on Mycroft Smart Speaker

Spotify on Mycroft Smart Speaker

Spotify just disabled API access for the Mycroft smart speaker.  I can no longer use it to listen to the Spotify account I pay for.


This is really frustrating.  The skill was community developed and maintained and worked fine.  Now I can't access my Spotify account via voice without having Amazon, Google or Apple spying on me.


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Second this, I pay for a Spotify membership and should be able to access it however I want to.

Can confirm I am experiencing this as well. As advised by @SpotifyCares, I have;


- reinstalled Spotify (using snap on Ubuntu Linux 20.04)

- had a look at the Spotify "developer forum" - which doesn't address this issue at all


It appears the Spotify developer API key for Mycroft, used by the Mycroft Spotify skill, has been deliberately disabled, with no communication occurring.


Mycroft is the reason I have a paid subscription to Spotify.


Has the Spotify authentication / API infrastructure changed recently and it's just a case of updating?

Please fix this issue.  I am also a premium user and I will have to switch off of this platform if it is not fixed.  

If this is available for other assistants, why did they remove it from this important api?

Is this another anti trust move ?

It smells like an anti-competition move.  Spotify is reportedly working on thier own voice assistant, but they are also continuing to support Alexa, Cortana, Siri and Google Assistant.


They have not been willing to communicate about the issue.  If we don't hear back from them we may file an anti-trust complaint with the EU.

It stinks of using their market size to disadvantage smaller players.


I am also a paying user of Spotify Family. I cannot understand why they are doing this to us customers for no apparent reason.

+1 another premium account user affected by this change.
It's worth reiterating that this used to work fine. Someone at Spotify has disabled this access 😞

How can they restore this access and why would they remove it from this?

I want to use Spotify on Mycroft. i dont want to use amazon alexa or google assistant!
maybe we all should go to Deezer...

I just reached tech support and was told in chat that Mycroft has NEVER been supported so I signed up for Deezer free family account to test drive. Same prices as spotify and a cursory look suggests at least my favorite artists are available.

I will pay for a service that connects to Mycroft.

Hi there, 

I, too, would be glad if I could access my Spotify premium account via Mycroft. 

As a premium user I agree it's disappointing Spotify have taken what seems to be a senseless decision. How is using Mycroft in my own home to listen to music not allowed?

I used to be a spotify premium user before I cancelled.

Now I am setting up a smart home system using Mycroft and i thought, oh this might be a good chance to get a premium spotify account again.

Then I look up how to hook spotify with Mycroft and I find this issue. It's embarrassing that spotify has effectively disabled access to their platform for Mycroft. Shameful.

Needless to say, I won't be getting a premium account any time soon.

I am a long time subscriber to Spotify (been a user ever since they started actually), but not supporting Mycroft could be the thing making me cancel the subscription, and maybe pay for another service instead.


The problem here is that Spotify cancelled the API that was working just fine before, so it's a deliberate action from their side


I' will give it a few weeks more since I know that people are looking into this at the moment, but if not solved it's bye Spotify for me.

  • +1 for this. So frustrating. Please fix immediately.

+1 by another paying Spotify user. Hopefully Spotify will remedy this soon. If not, I'll cancel my subscription and subscribe with an alternative streaming audio provider. There is enough to choose from these days. Some cheaper and/or with higher quality even.

Another user impacted by this issue. Actually considering canceling my subscription for the first time since I've had Spotify. 

The thing i dont understand is, why not even reach out to mycroft or do a little bit of research on what mycroft is.
I am already researching how to move my playlists to deezer in case it really becomes the default player instead of spotify

Why not just give mycroft the written permission to use the API and develop the skill, you have done that before (amazon, google ... ) and this is an opensource project that makes your platform even more attractive and you get that for free

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