Switching Between Devices


Switching Between Devices

Music Fan

What happened to the ease of moving from one device to the other?  I see an update where this is "easier" for the desktop application, however if I shut down my laptop, jump in my car, open the Spotify app, I expect to see the song I was jsut playing on my desktop to appear at the bottom of the app, ready to be played from where I left off.  But what am I seeing now?  I'm seeing the last song I played from my phone!? DA FAQ!? Why the F is that something a user would want?! I'm really losing it here Spotify.  First all the little annoyances of removing key features, then the BIG issue of removing the inbox, and now the removal of this?! I'm **bleep**ing confused Spotify.  What the **bleep** are you doing?!


In addition, I checked the app store to ensure I had the latest application update (which is always a fearful moment to upgade now - let's be honest) and it is up to date.