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The joys of "Unofficial Support"

The joys of "Unofficial Support"

I felt compelled to make a post for posterity for the events over the past few days. In a nutshell, Spotify's key signature expired so no one could update or install Spotify for a couple days (How long exactly I'm not sure).


No word from Spotify when it occured or when it was solved. The only communications I could find was Spotify Support on Twitter who reflexively throw their hands up and say "No official support, here's the link to the Linux forum, g'day."


As a Linux and premium Spotify user, I'm getting so sick of 2nd class support. Spotify doesn't seem to hemmoraging money,  they clearly have users on the platform, what's more there's already a perfectly usable port on Linux. Why can't they put in the effort to maintain it as they do other platforms? Even if it isn't a particularly profitable platform now, I imagine it'd improve if Linux users saw it being treated as a valid platform, instead of an in-house pet project.


Doubt this post will do much good, but I felt compelled to write it all the same.

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Hey @Hadbabits, welcome to the Community!


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. We definitely understand where you're coming from. 


Like you mentioned though, we don't officially support Linux, so the best place to get help for any Spotify/Linux issues would be in our Linux board.


Rest assured, we'll be passing your comments on this to the right folks.


If you need anything else, feel free to let us know.

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