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Tiny mouse pointer im HiDPI screen (only Snap package)


Tiny mouse pointer im HiDPI screen (only Snap package)

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Operating System Ubuntu 20.04

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The mouse pointer looks extremely tiny  when running the Snap version in a HiDPI screen. Notice that the problem is not related to the size of the text, the text can be correctly zoomed in as needed. But the mouse pointer remains tiny, it's not scaled with the text.


A cursory web search shows that this is reported many times before. There is an upstream fix ( but I'm not sure whether this is supposed to work out-of-the-box or applied by each packager (in this case by Spotify). 

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Re: Tiny mouse pointer im HiDPI screen (only Snap package)

I am also experiencing this issue. Until this is fixed by Spotify, I'm using a temporary workaround. In Spotify's desktop file (mine was located in `/var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications`), append `XCURSOR_THEME=your_cursor_theme` (where your_cursor_theme is your actual cursor theme, e.g. Adwaita) to the `env` declaration in the `Exec` property. So it should end up looking something like this:

Exec=env XCURSOR_THEME=DMZ-White BAMF_DESKTOP_FILE_HINT=/var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/spotify_spotify.desktop /snap/bin/spotify %U