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Tracks Jumping; Web Player

Tracks Jumping; Web Player






Lenovo T470s

Operating System

Debian Linux


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My desktop player doesn't have sound when started. It always has the "Web Playes (Chrome)" selected, even if I do not have any tabs opened to spotify. I do not own any Chromecasts, and connected to the internet via corporate VPN.


When changing it to local playback it keeps jumping tracks (like if it was taking control from BlueTooth or something similar). If I pause playback, sometimes it continues playing on its own, without any input.


The behavior is the same on Android Auto (SGS8).


I have tried logging out from everywhere and logging back on from the phone and PC only, but still keeps happening.

Screenshot from 2018-12-20 19-48-02.png
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I think it may have been the Spotify app on the Roku.. once uninstalled I no longer see the web player, but will check back in a couple of weeks to see if random track jumpings are gone.

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