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Trouble reconnecting Shazam to Spotify

Trouble reconnecting Shazam to Spotify

I've had Shazam connected to my spotify for years but it stopped working a while back and nothing new is in the Spotify playlist since September. I reconnected it but no new songs were going in. So I disconnected it, renamed the playlist - connected again. It said a new playlist was created - but none appeared.

How can I get this back?


Windows 10 App / Android 10 to connect to Shazam


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Hey there @CollyFitz


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this. 

Just to confirm, do you observe the same after a clean reinstall of the Spotify app on your PC or mobile? We recommend this step as it'll remove the old drivers first and then install the new ones. This tends to solve issues with Spotify's interaction with other apps. It's also a good idea to clean reinstall Shazam as well. 


Give your device a quick restart as well before you open the newly installed apps. 


Hope this helps. We'll look out for your reply!

Hi, yes I tried a clean install but it didnt work.

I tried this time deleting the previous Spotify playlist all together, and then disconnecting and reconnecting again. This time it did create a new playlist - but instead of 100 sings in my shazam, it only brought in 3. I don't get it.


Any ideas?

Hi @ivan,

This is still ongoing. I've tried many times now, clean installs, deleting the playlist, disconnecting and reconnecting. It will create the playlist - with only 4 tracks in it, not the 120 I have in my Shazam.


This is really annoying me now I want it fixed I use this feaure all the time now but have to do it manually as its not working.


Can you guys please check it out from the back end?

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