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Unable To Play Local Files

Unable To Play Local Files

Plan - Premium

Country - USA



Acer AspireOne AOD260

Operating System

BodhiLinux 5 32bit


My Question or Issue

I'm currently unable to play local files on my machine. The files appear, but I receive an error stating the files cannot be found.


I have read multiple threads on here with the same issue, and have tried all solutions mentioned in the comments. Downloading ffmpeg, downloading different versions of the client (flatpak, etc), and manually adding libavformat/libavutil/libavcodec52 but unfortunately I receive an error stating that libavpx0 is not installed. I have spent the last several hours troubleshooting and absolutely nothing seems to work. 

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The listed solution in the FAQ unfortunately refers to DropBox files which are no longer available and result in a 404 when attempted to download:

I've made some progress on this, and can now play some of my local files. Unfortunately, some of them result in Spotify crashing. I can't find any consistency between what files are playable and what files result in a crash.


For example, one of my MP3 files crashes but another MP3 does not crash, so it doesn't seem to be related to the filetype. I am able to listen to the MP3 file on all of my other devices, as well as listening to the MP3 file on my Linux machine through VLC. 

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