WHY!!???!! "Can't Play Current Song!" MAKE IT STOP!

WHY!!???!! "Can't Play Current Song!" MAKE IT STOP!








Operating System

Mojave OS


My Question or Issue

I've been using the same comptuer with the app for months and all of a sudden the songs keep stopping. I have to press forward until it stops on a song that will play, and even then it'll stop after 3-5 seconds. 


I've turned off crossfading, dialed down the streaming quality and all the other things members have reccommended. I don't have the Hardware Accelerator button under settings (???) so I have no idea about that. I've deleted the app and redownloaded. I've gotten a Premium account. NOTHING IS WORKING! I'm losing it. 


Also, why I'm here.... why would you take away the ability to search thru artists alphabetically? That is just ludicrous and Ludacris would NOT approve. Give it back, music streamer! We would love you for that. 

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