Web Player (And PS4 App) keeps cutting out/stuttering/skipping songs

Web Player (And PS4 App) keeps cutting out/stuttering/skipping songs

Both the web player and my PS4 app keeps cutting out or stuttering every couple of minutes. Sometimes it gives up after 20sec or so and skips to the next song.


My iPhone app works without any issues. I've had this issue occur consistently on three different computers, and three different internet connections (including 4G), in Chrome, Firefox and IE, on Windows and on Linux. I've cleared out the browser caches multiple times and it hasn't helped. Haven't seen any browser console errors either.


Other people I know using the web player on the same internet connection haven't had any issues whatsoever, so I wonder if it's somehow account-related? No issues streaming from any other service, just Spotify.

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I have the same problem on Mac OS X with Chrome 47.0.2526.106. It doesn't matter what song, the Web Player stutters 3-4 times per song. It is exactly this problem:



I tried an incognito window, no change, tried clearing browser cache, no change. My Internet connection is reliable and I have no problems with other streaming like YouTube or Netflix.


This makes it basically impossible to listen to Spotify. I am not interested in using the desktop client. I think I will not upgrade to Premium until this is resolved.

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