What license does the linux spotify client use?


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Previously, many Linux enthusiasts have asked in our community if its ok to download and repackage the Spotify software for personal use. We've discussed the topic with our legal teams and our official statement is as follows:


Spotify legal says: Open-sourced downloaders that perform "automatic download and repackaging" of the Spotify software for personal use (for example translation from deb to rpm) are allowed. 


Spotify confirms that the personal use restriction does not apply for the open-source downloader. The repackaged Spotify software is for personal use only and in accordance with the Spotify end user agreement.


Please note that Spotify does not guarantee that future updates do not break these downloaders. If Spotify in the future releases rpm:s we recommend that the downloader for deb->rpm is decommissioned.


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The Spotify Community Team


[Edit] Added amendment to the statement

Re: What license does the linux spotify client use?

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Im sorry to say that this message is somewhat ambiguous. The problem is if the "personal use" applies to just the downloaded software - in this case all is fine. But it could also be read as if the very act of downloading must be done for "for personal use". The latter would mean a restriction on the downloader which is not acceptable for Fedora.


See also :https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=973069#c13


Could you please clarify you position on this, hopefully in a way where you only impose restrictions on your software?

Re: What license does the linux spotify client use?


Hello leamas!

Rorey wrote: >> "Under these conditions, Linux hobbyists won't be hunted down by a pack of Spotify wolves. However, we will be inclined to remove links to any repackaged apks on the Spotify Community. I hope this clears things up" <<

Living in a mad world with enough nutsheads operating smart phones - hunted by scriptkids - Spotify has to prevent malicious, evil packages are provided. The worst case is maybe web 2.0 foo providing manipulated apks with a simple 'click on it'. I'm not a lawyer!

Of course I would like to see a clear statement from Spotify about redistribution in linuxdistributions. But they are far way from the Spotify Community if I read between lines.


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Re: What license does the linux spotify client use?

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They have still, after more than one year, not produced a license file. This is, well, different.


That said, if you read the complete thread here you will find a clear statement that re-distribution is not allowed. I think this is a pity, and actually not serving any useful purpose for Spotify. However, it's their decision and I appreciate that it's now stated in a way which can be used in a legal context.