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What's wrong with it is almost impossible to start, it is serious and not work

What's wrong with it is almost impossible to start, it is serious and not work



Linux 64 bit

Ubuntu 18.04.5



What's wrong with it is almost impossible to start, it is serious and works very poorly!






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Thanks to everyone pointing at the NetworkManager connectivity test somehow being involved.


Ironically for me on Debian Testing it looks like installing the `network-manager-config-connectivity-debian` package solved my issues.


I'm not running Gnome nor KDE, but do use NetworkManager to connect to my workplace's VPN.

Seems that newest linux spotify client checks online status reported by network manager. This status can be separately checked with "nm-online" tool. If tool reports [online] then spotify app works. If it reports [offline] then spotify "blindly" says offline (despite connection working perfectly).


There can be many reasons why NetworkManager thinks connection is offline. Seems that the majority of people here have problems with connectivity check. My problem was that connections were not managed by network manager, but by separate tool (netplan).


Hopefully linux desktop app will be changed back to ignore connection status reported by network manager.

The solutions listed here won't work for anyone that isn't using NetworkManager.


So connection managed by netplan or ppp will always show as offline. Those two work in the older version of Spotify.

Brilliant; just to TLDR for anyone else:

1. Go to PIA's settings and go to 'network'. Enable split tunnel. Keep this open for step 3
2. Open a terminal and type 'ping' and copy the IP address
3. Under PIA network settings, under split tunnel, select 'Add IP Address' and paste in the IP address from step 2
4. Unplug ethernet cable and turn off VPN. Wait for system to notice network is dead, then plug ethernet back in and reconnect VPN. Open spotify and it should be fine

Does anyone know if this is being worked on?

I'm a premium user, and find it rather annoying having my playing playlist just arbitrarily stop with a "no internet connection" message. The message goes away after a few minutes, so I have to press play to resume my playlist, only to have it bomb out again a few songs later.


Is anyone from Spotify monitoring these threads?

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