Why can not I use offline mode?

Why can not I use offline mode?



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I can not find the spotify option "offline" , is it available in spotify for linux OS?. Please, Thanks and I apologize for my english.


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This was not what I wanted to spend the last 30 minutes troubleshooting, but I was trying to find an answer to the same question. 


From what I found, there is "no support" for menu items in the Linux version of the desktop app. This means that anything that requires these menus just doesn't exist in the Linux version.  I'm not sure why they didn't bother making a menu for Linux, there's plenty of native Linux apps including ports from Windows where the menu works fine.  I haven't tried using the windows version with Wine, but that may be an option.  We're well into 2019, it would be nice to get an official update on this.


Relivant from 2017:


Eventually I found this (also from 2017):


It looks like the toolbar question is being ignored by Spotify.


The answer to the offline mode question is to use Ctrl-Shift-o to toggle offline mode.


That answer might have been found on the official list of shortcuts:


But, NO. Aside from the fact that Linux isn't even listed (Windows shortcuts usually work in Linux) the offline shortcut isn't included. Awesome!


This took way too much time to find an answer to a simple question.

Thanks for finding this for us. I think spotify just does not care about Linux users, just doing the bare minimum.

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