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Year in music and web player

Year in music and web player



I have a few questions.


I used this year's "year in music" tool and I am not sure it works well. Stats from the web player do not seem to have been considered properly.


Is it possible that it doesn't track all bands I listened to and the hours I spent listening to this year?


E.g. it says I listened to 944 bands this year, but I also use other services such as songkick to track bands and I usually import bands from Spotify into them to make sure I won't miss any gig. I definitely imported way over 1000 bands this year. Maybe I didn't listen to them?xD


E.g. 2: according to Spotify I spent 87 hours listening to music. Now, I listen to spotify  at least 5 days a week, 5h a day (I listen to it in the office while working). I reckon I spent way more than 87 hours listening to spotify (probably around 800 hours instead!).


E.g. 3: I generated my "top 100 in 2015" and some of the songs in the top 20 have never been streamed more than a handful this year. There is no way I could listen to Vale of Spirits by Suishou no fune more than a couple of times but according to Spotify it's the 9th song I listened to the most this year!


Could all this be due to the fact that I use the web player almost all the time?


85% Web player

12 % Linux desktop player

3% Mobile player.


I'm not complaining and I know it's not a real issue, I'm just curious to understand how it works. 

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