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downloaded musics erased

downloaded musics erased


on my XPS13 laptop (Kubuntu 20.04), the application found in Ubuntu repositories works fine but the downloaded music is frequently erased without intervention from me. I cannot find a situation which provoke this fact. I have modified the location of the downloaded folder without any success.

Plan: Premium

Country: France

Device: Dell XPS13

Operating System: Kubuntu 20.04

Thanks for your help,

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This also happened to me after downloading an update. It was really frustrating...

Since then I've backup my downloaded Spotify music, just in case that happens again... You might try to download Spotify to MP3 as well so that you can enjoy all of your Spotify music on any music player offline.


after rebooting my laptop, the local files have been erased. I have restored them from a local folder (exact copy) but no way, the Spotify application doesn't recognize the offline songs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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