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[linux][spotify 1.0.xx][KDE]Spotify app settings by KWin rules

[linux][spotify 1.0.xx][KDE]Spotify app settings by KWin rules



i`m using Spotify for awhile on openSUSE 13.2 without problems. But now want to try to use spotify 1.0.xx (beta) but have some problems.  For older version ( I could easily set kwin window rules (maximized, open in desktop X, no titlebar etc), but for newer version it`s not setting. 


As I understand it`s because spotify not setting window type ( it`s marked as unknown). Is there any other way to force spotify 1.0.xx to be opened in some dosktop X and be maximized all time?! Or if it is spotify application coding problem, please fix to be possible to use again kwin rules.

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I have the same issue. What's weird about this is that if you set some rules while Spotify is already running and select "Apply now" for the rules, it will work. It's possible that when the Spotify window spawns it has some weird or unset class and title which KWin ignores because they don't fit any of the rules.

I gave up trying to figure out how to solve this with window rules and went with using kstart to launch Spotify instead.


I copied the original spotify.desktop file to ~/.local/share/applications and changed the Exec line to

Exec=kstart --desktop 5 spotify

In my case, I was trying to get Spotify to start on Desktop 5, obviously.

How can I install Spotify beta 1.0.xx in OpenSUSE 13.2?

At present I use 0.9.17 from Packman repo, but I haven't found Spotify beta 1.0.xx in any repo. I would like to use Spotify Connect feature whis is not available in 0.9.17.

Thank you for any advice!

I have tried use alien but created rpm broke system 🙂 !!!
So I manually extracting deb package.
There is data.tar.gz and inside there /usr/share/spotify folder that i copied to my systems /opt folder.
Also creating symlink ( ln -s /opt/spotify/spotify.desktop /usr/share/applications/ )

verify that all dependencies are there - run in terminal, and then install if needed

Download from:

Works great in openSUSE 13.2, even without compilation! Now I can use Connect with my Minx Xi. Thank you 🙂
Looking forward for the final 1.0.xx release.

In case anyone is still looking for this. Try matching with window title "Spotify" instead of the class name and force it to apply. This seemed to work fine.

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