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"Seeked" MPRIS signal firing inconsistently

"Seeked" MPRIS signal firing inconsistently





A computing device of the digital variety

Operating System

Arch Linux, GNOME

Client Version, from AUR


My Issue

I have observed that the "Seeked" signal emitted by the dbus interface is behaving inconsistently.


And it does fire when the song is seeked. In fact it sometimes fires 3 times in quick succession when you seek backwards. Sometimes twice, sometimes just once. Sometimes it randomly fires a few seconds after the seeking is done and finished. That "few" seconds can be anywhere between 1 and 11 seconds from what I have seen.


First I thought it was a bug related to the code I wrote for my gnome shell extension, but I can observe the same behavior when listening to the signal with a simple bash script using the most basic dbus-related CLI tools. The signal's emitted... weirdly there too.

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