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"playing local files" can't function

"playing local files" can't function

Hello to All,

first, I want to thank for the development work.



FSC Esprimo E5600

Operating System
Knoppix 9.0 working on USB-stick

My Question or Issue
Playing of local files is not possible. But it is builtin function so part of the application.

Knoppix 9.0 is my system for daily use, where I listen to "remote" music since nearly 2 years. Unfortunately Knoppix 9.0 installs spotify-client
on its own terms in 32bit (i386). That is, although Knoppix 9.0 starts to be 64bit (Cheatcode knoppix64) and the CPU is although capable.

Importance of architecture came up with my tests to achieve functionality. Relationship 64bit to function seemed to be clear with
- Ubuntu 16.04. "Xenial Xerus" exclusively 64bit
- Debian 10.7.0 "Buster" amd64

But when I discovered the date 27-Feb-2018 for i386-package, I tried with _old_ Knoppix 8.2, which was created in that time.
Knoppix 8.2 is outdated and not for daily use nowadays. I fix this with the fact that there is no way to update it. You can read this
throughout .

And with no dependancy-installation, update-command was to avoid, just to say 'out-of-the-box', I then finally heard my local files.
While errormessages about codecs streamed down the screen. So libavcodecs* are not important, do not play that part, like in most solutions here.

Can anyone point out what is missing apart codec files to run spotify on i386-system derived from Debian Buster?


So its clear:
a three, _3_ year old software cannot be functioning.

And I have to link up with the call for the update of spotify-client-i386-package.


Hope for long going listening with spotify.

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