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[solved] repeatedly getting error 2 while trying to sign in

[solved] repeatedly getting error 2 while trying to sign in

plan: premium

country: australia

device: hp probook 4740s

operating system: arch linux, fedora, solus


my question or issue

Screenshot from 2019-02-15 18_20_01.png


for about three days, i've been getting error code 2 (additionally error code 7 for a few hours) whenever i've tried to sign in to spotify on linux. i can get to the website and web player fine (although the web player doesn't work), and it doesn't affect any other devices on the network (ios, android, windows 10, ps4). audio and video from youtube, vlc, and audacity come through fine as well.


i have:

  • reinstalled spotify
  • tried to login using mobile data
  • rid the computer of all traces of spotify before reinstalling
  • set the hosts file as read-only
  • restarted the router
  • tried different distros (arch linux, fedora, and solus, all to no avail)
  • tried different ways of installing (snap, flatpak, aur)
  • reinstalled the entire distro and installed spotify first and foremost


my internet works otherwise, and i don't have a firewall/proxy/adblocker.


edit: i restarted and it works now yay

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