spotify doesn't search authors

spotify doesn't search authors


Hi, my spotify only looks for albums or songs, but is unable to look for authors in the search bar (when clicking an author it does nothing). It only works if I click on an album or song.


some ideas of why?? I have reinstalled it, the problem still remains.

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same here (WIndows 8.1 64, Spotify V


searching for albums or tracks works fine. When i search for an artist i only got a black "Main"window


Same for me.

The problem appears under Mac OS X (home computer) and under Windows 7 (pro computer).

I do get suggestions from the search bar when I start to type an artist name, but weither I click on a suggestion or hit the Enter key when I'm done typing my search, I just get a black window with no result.


However, things seem to be working fine when using the mobile app (Android) or Spotify web player.


Any ideas ?

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