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web player issues, xubuntu + firefox 104

web player issues, xubuntu + firefox 104

i'm using the web player on a laptop running Xubuntu 22.04 + Firefox 104. tested without add-ons/extensions.


clearing the browser's recent history (not including cache, websites config/offline data, or cookies) causes Spotify to stop playing music, and display the message "something went wrong with the playback". the only way to recover from this is to reload the player.


this has been going on for quite a while now. can't reproduce this with other streaming services and their respective web players.


edit: i suppose this issue belongs under "other" and not "desktop Linux"; please move to the category that best fits web player-related issues. thank you.

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still an issue on Xubuntu 22.10 + Firefox 108.0.1

still happening after updating Firefox to 109.0


for comparison's sake, am also a Deezer user, and this doesn't happen when playing music on its web player.

issue still present on Firefox 120.0.1.

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