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Spotify automatically maximizes after screensaver


Spotify automatically maximizes after screensaver

‎2016-08-23 06:27 PM

I'm on El Cap 10.11.6 at work and listen to Spotify throughout the day.


If I minimize Spotify it will automatically pop up by itself at random times, most often if I've activated the screensaver and then wake the screen back up or unlock it. I can't find anywhere to disable this feature. It's focus-pulling and if my boss is looking over my shoulder, I don't really love that she can see my playlist and a Mr T ad right away (we're allowed to listen to music at work, of course--I just think it looks unprofessional). It's also focus pulling if I'm trying to get right back into my email or some other software.


Has anyone else experienced this, and is there any way to disable it? It makes me honestly quit Spotify a lot and just listen to Prime music instead.




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Re: Spotify automatically maximizes after screensaver

‎2016-08-26 12:58 AM

Hey @spotifyisfun, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Can you let us know what version of Spotify you're using? We've just released a new version, so it's worth a shot to reinstall the app by following these exact steps.


Let us know if that makes any difference.


Have a great day :)