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Spotify won't open


Spotify won't open

‎2016-08-21 07:57 AM

Help! I am trying to listen to music on my computer but stpotify wont open and when it does the spinny circle pops up and  wont go away. I have un-installed it  and re-installed it and it still wont work.


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Re: Spotify won't open

Community Legend
‎2016-08-21 06:39 PM

have you tried Clearing the Cache under User/Library/Caches/ ?

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Re: Spotify won't open

‎2016-08-23 04:20 PM

Yeah this has happened to me tons of times. All you have to do is erase any sort of spotify application and its files, and then just download it again. Theres something with the new mac update and spotify that they just dont like eachother so the app freaks out and just doesnt open! If this helped give me some kudos!