1st track won't play (Mac)

1st track won't play (Mac)

Cannot get the first track of *most* albums to play.  When selected, the speaker icon appears next to the track but no sound comes out and the track time at the bottom doesn't display anything.  Usually the 2nd and remaining tracks will play but I recently had this happen with a 2nd track as well.


Have done clean reinstall, no change.


I'm on MacBook circa fall '08, OS X 10.8.5


I posted a reply on a similar question here in September.  No responses after mine... Thread is marked as solved but the suggestion did not solve my issue.  Is this a Mac thing?  If so, is Spotify planning to address?

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Would it be possible to grab the console output when this happens to see if any error messages are being logged? 

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Is this what you are looking for?

00:19:51.644 I [breakpad.cpp:107 ] Registered Breakpad for product: spotify

00:19:51.644 I [translate.cpp:140 ] Reloading language file


That is the only thing I see...

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