2021 Wrapped Not Visible

2021 Wrapped Not Visible


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According to the documentation and FAQs, my 2021 Wrapped Summary should be visible on my home page. However, all I have is my 2021 Top Songs. Where is the summary?!?


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I have the same problem!


Same thing here; I have the wrapped section, but the banner to "see what you've listened to" / story summary isn't popping up. All I'm interested in are the stats, too haha 😂


Same for me. I can go to the wrapped page, but there's no banner for my wrapped story where it should be.

Android version


Please help I’m having same problem on my iPhone wi rn a bet on the line with a co worker for more time listened


Hi folks!


Thank you for reaching out to the Community.


If you're not able to find your Wrapped's presentation, please check the following: 

  • You're running the minimum app Spotify version for Android: 8.6.78 and for iOS: 8.6.78.
  • That you're using the full Spotify app and not the Lite version.

If you fulfill those requirements and it still doesn't appear, you can try using Search and write "Wrapped 2021" the first result should be the hub where you can find the presentation. 


It's also worth accessing your account using another phone to check if there's a difference.


Let us know how this goes.

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