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9,395 songs saved, but I am not allowed to save any more

9,395 songs saved, but I am not allowed to save any more

I appear to have been hit with the dreaded "Epic collection friend" message which I had no idea of. I save a lot of music because in recent years I have been saving every album I like that gets released, which has turned into 2000+ songs in 2018 and what I thought would be the same amount this year. I found out that apparently there is a 10,000 SAVE limit which is frankly ridiculous.


Why the F***** is there a LIMIT for how many songs you can SAVE??? It has NOTHING to do with downloads so whoever put that idea into practice deserves to be euthanise. 


With the 10,000 song limit in mind I went to go and remove some older songs, but I selected the whole selection in my songs section and there are 9,395 songs and not 10,000. Why is my spotify screwing me out of 605 songs? I have attached a screenshot


Also get rid of the 10,000 limit for the love of god or heaven forbid I might consider moving to a different service

Screenshot 2019-05-19 at 19.05.10.png
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Hey there @joecooney,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!


Regarding the amount of items you see in Your Library, please keep in mind that when saving an album, on top of the songs you save, the album itself will be counted towards your saved limit.


For example, if you save an album with 10 songs, 11 items will be saved. This would explain why you see 9.395 items in Your Library instead of 10.000.


No worries, you can always save more content by freeing up space. You can do that by manually removing previously saved content or by moving saved content to a playlist (your playlists and its contents don't count toward the track limit).


On another note, it seems like other Spotify users would also like to have more than 10.000 songs saved in Your Songs. In this case, we'd recommend heading over to this idea and adding your +VOTE and feedback in a comment.


You can find more information about how your feedback reaches Spotify this way here.


Hope this helps clarify things! However, don't hesitate to let us know if there's anything else we can help with.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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Hi folks!

At least to make noise and trying to let customers now the situation (which is a matter of time they'll find) I hereby invite you to continue the following twitter thread (or start a new one) perhaps posting your 'Epic collection, friend' screenshot with the hashtag #spotifyEpicCollectionFriendsClub


Cheers (sorry if this kind of thing was proposed before in this topic)

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