Activity feed updating to friend feed

Activity feed updating to friend feed


Hopefully someone can help. I have an older version of Spotify installed ( and have it set up so it does not auto update. Thanks to those who have posted how to do this! However, while my Spotify no longer auto updates, on the rare occasion when I have to restart spotify, the activity feed changes to the new friend feed. The Spotify version is still but now it has the new feed...which I hate. So, I have to reinstall the old version of spotify. Anyone know why the activity feed is changing to the new friend feed even though the app itself doesn't update?


Also, my friends (all of whom have installed older versions of spotify) and I wonder if Spotify has actually reflected on the fact that so many customers have had to download older versions of their software to have an enjoyable experience. We struggle to think of a software release that was so infuriatingly disappointing and one that simply DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

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