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Add more personal options to email and connect

Add more personal options to email and connect


 I work aiming to improve the customer experience for a living. One of the biggest things I noticed is that there is no easy way to reach a customer support team member at Spotify. I just canceled my subscription and was very delighted when I saw the clever and creative way you guys arranged the order of songs to say something about if I leave you'll take away the biggest part of you. I wanted to send your team a positive email, letting you know how impressive and creative that was. I quickly went from surprise and delight to frustration because I tried looking in multiple areas on your website and could not find one single email for your customer support team. Really aggravating. It's great that you have innovative ways to connect with the community and suggesting ideas and sending a message on social media, but have you ever heard of omni-channel? Providing multiple means of connecting so your customers can choose their preferred method they are comfortable with? i highly recommend adding a support email that gets checked and update by your team. 

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