Advertisement Repeats

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Advertisement Repeats

Music Fan
‎2016-08-20 01:02 PM

Hi! Whenever my Spotify plays an ad, it doesn't go back to playing my music. Instead, Spotify pauses itself after playing the ad. Whenever I try to play my music again, I have to listen to the ad again, but Spotify just pauses itself after the ad - never allowing my music to be played, just the ad playing and pausing itself over and over again. 


I'm operating on a Mac (Yosemite), so I've forced quit Spotify a few times, but to no luck. Advice, suggestions, ideas? Thanks y'all! 

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Re: Advertisement Repeats

Community Legend
‎2016-08-21 11:42 PM

Hey there @callme__Al!


Can you post here what version of the Spotify Desktop Client you are using?



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