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After latest update, Spotify plays different songs than I've clicked on

After latest update, Spotify plays different songs than I've clicked on

After my Spotify Windows app last auto-updated itself, to version, this ridiculous bug has appeared: When I go to the Album or Artist view (but not the Songs view), and I click on a song, it plays a different song than the one I just clicked! For example: If I click "track 1", it might start playing that, but then when I try to click "track 4", it just restarts track 1! And the same for tracks 6 or 10 or whatever, it just keeps restarting track 1. It's like it only wants to play songs in its own set order, not letting me choose when to listen to which track!


I downloaded a slightly older version of Spotify for Windows, and the issue went away. But the stupid auto-update apparently can't be disabled! All the hacks I've found on here for that purpose are old and no longer work.


EDIT: Now they've rolled out another update, version 1.0.52, but the problem is STILL THERE!

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I do have the same issue, for now 1 week and a half...

I'm having the same issue on Mac. Kind of a big bug honestly.

As this was rightfully driving me crazy, I managed to find a temporary solution: a Windows Task Scheduler task that automatically deletes the update .exe file from the Update folder at system startup. As long as I never shut down Spotify (except at system shutdown/restart), I'm safe from faulty updates.

Having the same issue on mac. Extremely annoying, spotify needs to fix this stat. 

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