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Airplay problems only in Spotify (Mac 10.9)

Airplay problems only in Spotify (Mac 10.9)

Hey, I have this issue a very long time, I tried a lot and nothing helped.

When I want to stream music from the Mac via Spotify, I only hear the first two seconds and then it stops. I use Mac OS X 10.9 and the latest available version of spotify.
This issue doesn't come up with iTunes or when streaming my whole screen.

I would appreciate it, if someone here could help me as soon as possible.

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Hey there, does streaming work okay without using AirPlay? How long has this been going on - since before upgrading to 10.9? 


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yes, streaming is working fine until I start trying to use airplay with my Apple TV.

The problem occured after upgrading to 10.9.


Everything works fine, until I try to combine Spotify with my Apple TV. Both have the latest software.

So does any one have any solutions? It is really embarrassing.....

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