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Airpods Pro don't show up in device list

Airpods Pro don't show up in device list

Trying to connect my Airpods Pro to Spotify's desktop app and they don't show up in "Devices Available" menu. I've disconnected Airpods from my phone and paired and re-paired them to my MacBook Pro (2019 model) running the latest OS version to no avail. Airpods work outside the Spotify app, I've used them for conference calls, etc so it's gotta be something with the app itself. I even re-installed the app and signed in and out. All other bluetooth devices show up in the list but not my Airpods 😞


Any help or links to similar topics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

3 Replies

I have this issue too. Did you find a solution? Spotify doesn’t pick up my AirPod pros on any of my apple devices, not my MacBook, not my iPhone and not my watch. It’s really annoying. I can listen on my phone and MacBook if I connect through the Bluetooth option on those devices. The AirPods still don’t show in the list though and I can’t listen on my watch at all which I the most annoying 

Somehow the problem resolved itself when I was forced to work from home and away from a variety of Bluetooth devices in the office. So either it was interference or they released an update that eventually fixed the problem for me.

The device menu is for devices that run Spotify on their own, if you want to connect your AirPods Pro to your Mac you need to go into the bluetooth settings and do it there.

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