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Album collection suddenly empty

Album collection suddenly empty






Macbook, iPhone, Linux PC


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Hi there.

I had 300+ albums in my collection, and they are suddenly all gone except maybe 3 or 4 that I added lately. I have a playlist that contains all the tracks from all my albums that I use as a backup.
I've tried to select all tracks in that playlist and rightclick -> "Add to collection" as an attempt to restore my album collection (this had worked before). The "Artists" tab contains what seems to be all the artists form my album collection, the "Titles" is also filled up but the "Album" tab remains empty. Adding albums one by one is working fine, but out of question 🙂
I have tried updating my client, tried on my iOS phone, my Linux PC with no luck. Album list remains empty ...

Any ideas how to restore my album collection? I grew up buying LPs and CDs, so I'm used to browse my music by albums, not playlists or individual tracks.

Thanks for taking time to read my post.


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This is an intended feature of the new update. "Albums" now only shows albums that you have saved every song on. Artists is now the artists you have specifically followed, and "recommended artists" underneath that. Sorry that this is probably not the response you were hoping for...

Thank you for your reply. So it's not enough to add all the song of an album to have it saved under "Albums"?

Am I the only one complaining about lost albums?

Hi alb, 


I'm not 100% sure on this, but I believe that if you add all the songs of an album, it will be saved under albums. As an aside, in case you weren't aware, you can no longer just click the heart button on an album to save all songs to your library (this won't actually do so). Instead, go to ... and tap "like all songs." This will add them to your library. 


No, you are definitely not the only one frustrated with the loss of albums with this update. 

The new album update is trash, since then i've stoped using Spotify. I had a ton of albuns and now like, just nothing, total trash. I hope they make something where you can add all your songs to the album tab

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