All my Spotify playlist's are gone!!

All my Spotify playlist's are gone!!

I see that all my playlists are missing -- I thought it was just a glitch, so I"m just now getting around to posting this.


I think the culprit may have been that I tried out the web version on my Chromebook.  I had a whole ton of playlists:  A totally sweet one called Drive inspired, a nostalgic sweet one called when I was a wonderful..all..gone!  :((


I see from other messages that the spotify gremlins know how to repair this, but I'm more than happy to help try to debug this if anyone needs the help (being a web developer myself 😉 )

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This sounds like an issue described in this topic. Are you sure you're logging into the right account?


Anthony 🙂

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Seemed likely, but this didn't apply to me :(.  I opened a support request to see what's going on.

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