App crashes on startup


App crashes on startup

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Something broke over the weekend...


Opened my Mac today, went to the Spotify app which was already running, but couldn't play any music, installed the update and restarted the app.


Now when I launch the app, the icon bounces on the dock before stopping and the app shows as Not Responding in activity monitor.


I've since deleted the app, re-installed it and deleted all cache folders 

rm -rf Library/Caches/com.spotify.*

Still won't open. Any ideas?


(I'm on Mac Mohave 10.14.1 and playback is fine on my mobile device)





After several minutes of "Not responding" and almost 0% CPU usage, the app became responsive. But attempts to play music still fail, seeing the blue bar message "Can't play the current song" 

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Re: App crashes on startup


Hey @Danyboyj.


Thanks for posting about this in the Community! Glad to hear that the app is at least responsible now - let's see what we can do about that error you're seeing 🙂


Could you try downloading a playlist for offline listening on your Mac and seeing if that plays normally?


If it does, then we suspect there's something up with your network. To confirm this, could you try streaming to your Mac on a different network to see if that works?


If it doesn't, let us know the exact Spotify version you're running and we'll take a closer look 😉

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