Applescript no longer reports Spotify Connect song playing.

Applescript no longer reports Spotify Connect song playing.









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I maintain a little Spotify menu bar tool ( that displays my currently playing track in my Mac status bar.   I have Sonos speakers that I connect to via Spotify Connect (the green "listening on X" bar at the bottom of desktop client).


I used to be able to fetch the current track from my Desktop Spotify player with Applescript. I'm not sure when it happened, but that seems to be gone.


I would love to be able to fetch song information from the running desktop client, even when playing music through Spotify Connect/Airplay/etc...  









if application "Spotify" is running then
	tell application "Spotify"
		if player state is playing then
			return name of current track
			return ""
		end if
	end tell
	return ""
end if






Run this in the MacOS "Script Editor".  When playing a song with Spotify Connect/Airplay/etc., will return "".  It used to return the track name.  

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I am having the same problem happening with my Slack status script

Same dude, using MTMR can't display the current song via AppleScript. I've just downgraded to previous.

Yes. I updated the app to version and now my status menu app doesn't work, even with locally playing tracks. Sometimes it returns correctly when the track changes or something but quickly goes bad and returns empty again 🙁

same issue where current track doesnt work, downgrading to restores this functionality

This seems to be fixed for me. On version ``

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