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Artist - Album title reversed when dragging album to create playlist

Artist - Album title reversed when dragging album to create playlist




Macbook Pro mid 2014

Operating System

MacOS 10.13.5


My Question or Issue

I use playlists heavily as a way to manage albums. For every album that i listen to reguarly i create a new playlist by dragging the album cover to the sidebar. This automatically creates a new playlist with the contents of the album.


In the past the new playlist got the artist and album as the title, so e.g., dragging the new Beach House album to the sidebar created a new playlist with the title 'Beach House - 7'. However, since a recent update (not quite sure when this started) this convention seems to have been reversed, so instead of 'Beach House - 7' i now get '7 - Beach House'. It's a little nuisance, but it's irritating because i like ordering my playlists by artist, not by album. I can of course edit the title and reverse it myself, but the old convention seemed to make more sense.

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Yes I agree. I can't understand why this has changed. It used to be [band] - [album], but for some reason this is swapped now. It's not really a strict rule, but the rest of the world names the band first and album second, why would Spotify change this at all, unless it's a bug of course...


So this has been happening since a week or so for me. It has been bothering me, since I now have to manually change all the playlist names back to the old way again. Please Spotify solve this issue.



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