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Audio keeps cutting randomly (but timer keeps going) in all devices (mac, android, pc and ps3).

Audio keeps cutting randomly (but timer keeps going) in all devices (mac, android, pc and ps3).

Hi guys! 



Anybody having the same??


It is like i'm working with a poor connection, audio cuts every minute. I thought that might be the connection but I see the time counter running while audio is out!


I've tried reinstall, but it is happening with all devices. 


ps: i have a nice internet connection (50mbps optic fiber)



6 Replies

I have the same problem since this morning.
My internet connection work fine, indeed the web player is working perfectly

having the same problem over here. 

Almost canceling my premium account because of it.

Hey there,


I'm having the same issue. Started giving me problems when I updated to the newest version, and I'm having no issues on the web player. The only difference is my mobile version (Anroid) is working fine as well. 



Hello, i have similar problem that has been disappeared when i switch back FROM TO
Version could be found on filehippo.
I have blocked automatic client update and at the moment all works fine.
To block automatic update put a file named Spotify_new.exe as READ-ONLY in the spotify program folder.
I think spotify developers spent too much time on social networks while write code or they could be drunk.
I dont know and i cannot accept it.
If my company works with this "quality" surely we close out of business in a day!

Sorry, at the moment the oldest trick to prevent client automatic update putting a file named Spotify_new.exe as read-only do not work anymore.

After some hours of free upgrade proposal, now appear again.


I switch back again to and blocked via windows file host (or if you would try via your own firewall) the address


I hope this solution works.

I think the problem is caused by google dns ( -

I try to use other public dns services like "open dns" and it's all right.

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