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Automatic playlists creation from all albums?

Automatic playlists creation from all albums?


I've just hit the stupid 10.000 limit within my music library.  I only keep full albums in it.

I have 2 opions now:

1/ Cancel subscribtion and go to Apple Music, or

2/ Have all my music (albums) 'moved' to playlists, because there is no limit on the number of playlists one can create (AFAIK).  1 album = 1 playlist would be the way to go then.  Except, I'm not willing to manually create all these playlists.

So, is there any way to automatically create playlists of all the albums I have saved in the 'Your Library' section?  If not, any other suggestions?

All help/ideas are welcome.  Thanx!

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Sure. Select and tap songs, select all the items and drag the full selection to a playlist.

Thank you, but not really what I meant.  I have like +500 albums in the Library section.  I'm not going to select album tracks + drag them to new playlist +500 times...  I was more looking for a 'export-all-to-separate-playlists' feature...

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