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BUG: Version does not work on Mac OSX 10.7.4

BUG: Version does not work on Mac OSX 10.7.4

My Spotify undfortunately "upgraded" itself to and in the process has stopped working.


The UI accepts user input, however, the only way to refresh it is to minize the window and then maximise it back again.  This is pretty fundamentally buggy - it means I have to minimize and maximize the window after every mouseclick to have any app functionality.  I am using this over remote desktop v 3.6.1 (471.16) on a headless Mac Mini so I have no way of nowing if this is some weird interaction with Remote Desktop.  However, the previous version worked just fine on this setup.


Is there any chance this is fixed? Or is there anyway to "downgrade" back to a version that actually works?



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Looks like I'm late to the party.  I "pirated" version 0.8.5 of the software I pay every month for.  This downgrade is twice as fast and actually works.  Happy days.

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