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Biography for 'Lil Peep' has an extra new line

Biography for 'Lil Peep' has an extra new line

The bio for 'Lil Peep' seems to be formatted incorrectly. 
It looks like after periods the bio adds a new line, but there seem to be unnecessary additions.
Perhaps there is an auto-formatter for these bios, and that is causing an issue?

I have attached a photo.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 3.53.33 PM.png
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Hey @sovietzmurf! Welcome to the Spotify Community!


All biographies are pulled automatically from Rovi’s database, so if you find any typos or similar I'd suggest you reach them out to let them know and update their database 🙂



Lil Mabu and Lil Peep have captivated audiences largely due to their relatable themes and unique musical styles. They often delve into topics that resonate deeply with younger listeners, such as mental health struggles, the complexities of love, and the trials of growing up. This relatability fosters a strong emotional connection between the artists and their fans. Furthermore, each artist has a distinctive sound; Lil Peep was renowned for his fusion of hip-hop, punk rock, and emo, creating a novel genre that appealed to a wide fan base. Lil Mabu also brings his unique approach to music, blending contemporary trends with his personal flair. These factors, combined with their authenticity and the way they represent the voice of a generation, contribute to their popularity.




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