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Bring back clicking on album art to jump to where the song is playing from (desktop)

Bring back clicking on album art to jump to where the song is playing from (desktop)

Normally, clicking on the album art should direct you to the song since version 1.0.5.
If that does NOT work for you: Start a playlist and post the following information so we can check it out further:

  1. OS (Mac, Windows)
  2. Spotify Version (Menu => Help => About Spotify)
  3. Hardware Acceleration enabled in settings (yes/no)
  4. What happens when you click the bottom left album art?



With the new 1.0.5 update this should work again.


Original text:

Before today's update, you could click on the album art to go to where the song is playing.

For example, if I'm playing "Pirate Hooker" by Zomboy, it would jump to the playlist, and scroll down to the current song and highlight it.

If I would like to play more songs from Zomboy, that I have in the same playlist, I could sort the playlist by artist, and then click on the album art in order til get to those songs. In the new update, you have to scroll manually to the songs. I have a single playlist with all the music that I like (almost 3000 songs atm), and when I use the scroll bar, the list just 1-2 screens in one pixel.


In the new update, all clicking on the album art does is going to the playlist, radio station search query. It does not scroll to where the item is.


I really don't like what you are doing with the desktop client. First, you increase the distance between lines, making it harder to browser long lists, then you **bleep** up the activity feed and remove apps, and now this? And also you are making buttons bigger, allthewhile making text (especially timestamps) smaller. I believe you should listen to this community, and not just put all ideas on "Not right now". A very small fraction of your user base actually gets here to make suggestions and/or complain, but that does not mean there are others who share their opinion. Although the client looks much better that it has ever done, with its "modern" UI elements and design language, it does not matter at all to me if the funcionality is worse than in the elder versions of the client. You have to go back, in order to go forward.



Truls Bekk

101 Replies

I haven't experienced the clicking on album artwork, but it sounds like you also agree that the latest changes to the activity feed were less than stellar. Check out this thread to encourage Spotify to change the activity feed back, please add your voice! They pay more attention to threads with more kudos.

The developers are aware of this clicking on the album art problem.


Hopefully it will be fixed in a future update.

MattSudaSpotify Star
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I am definitely in favor of bringing it back! I want to go to the playlist!

Yes, clicking on the album artwork to restore the view to where the song is in the profile is essential when customizing large playlists and it has other benefits. Please bring it back. 

Edit: That's a bug that should hopefully be fixed soon. Any news will be announced in this topic here.

@Marco Instead of changing this status to "New Idea", shouldn't there be a status called "Please make this work again" (a.k.a. "bug").


I mean, if all the things that have vanished in the latest version have to go though the feature lists as if they were new feature requests, developers will have a hard time prioritising these issues. What's being asked here certainly isn't a new idea: it was implemented in all the past versions I can remember. What we're really asking here is a fix.


This sort of confused issue planning would certainly explain why so many things seem to go wrong from one release to another.

Hey everyone, we've moved this thread to the Desktop - Help board from the Ideas Exchange. 


We are looking into this one at the moment. When we have any updates on this feature we will post here, thanks everyone!

wow, wait?




so it wasn't a "new idea" after all? I'm so confused right now.

@meahtenoha wrote:

Hey everyone, we've moved this thread to the Desktop - Help board from the Ideas Exchange. 


We are looking into this one at the moment. When we have any updates on this feature we will post here, thanks everyone!


@meahtenoha, this shouldn't go from "New Ideas" to "Desktop Help", it should have gone into "Ongoing Issues" (i.e. bugs to fix before implementing new ideas).


I suspect most Spotify users don't sign up for the beta versions, hence you get limited feedback on the new or missing features there: most people just want to listen to music.


It seems your strategy is to push the beta onto everyone. While this isn't necessarily completely a bad thing in principle, what makes it a terrible idea is the fact you make it incredibly hard to downgrade.


It there's one "new idea" you should really implement, it's giving us the ability not to upgrade (and to downgrade to a previous version if necessary). Please, put that at the top of your priority list before you make any new half-finished releases! This has been asked many times, across various threads.



As I was saying in another thread, you seem to be confused as to what a "new idea" really is (as opposed to regression). Your interpretation of "implemented" status is also somewhat debatable, if you look at the details of those issues.

Just replying to voice my discontent with this too. Add this to Spotify removing the ability to see a historical scroll of your followed people's recent plays, and the **bleep**ty/slow phone app, and Spotify will be losing a customer soon. Definitely gonna ditch this bs as soon as something comparable/better comes out. Spotify had a good thing when I joined, but they somehow keep breaking their applications. Also, they can't add simple great innovations like a quick shortcut to jump to the currently playing track. iTunes has had that for years, it really shouldn't be that hard to include.... even if it's a completely optional bind.

Thank you Meredith. I'm glad this is a bug and not intentional because to be honest I don't think I could live with it if it were.

It's very difficult to delete a currently playing song from a list until this is solved. Not sure why it was removed in the first place but I sure hope you bring it back soon.

Why does this message say checkmark solution when it has not been solved? Can Meredith please respond? I really don't understand or think that this is acceptable as a solution

I was able to remove the green SOLUTION bar from your post but would still like the error in the new version fixed (if indeed it was an error) they have about a week or so until I go back to free version or more likely to another site

To be fair, this hasn't really worked properly for a long time. Sometimes the client seems to "hang" and clicking on album art doesn't work. However it usually works if you click on the song title below the album art instead.

Why they haven't taken five minutes to fix this is beyond me. They just have to make sure both point to the same target.

Yes, either clicking on the album art or ANY other means of jumping to "NOW PLAYING" in the song list would be really nice.

Locating a single song within my library is a pain right now.

That takes you out of your full library and brings you to the album. I usually shuffle ALL songs so I have a huge list to scroll through if I am looking for the song that is playing.

Not sure why this feature would ever be nixed as it was one of the most useful.

When navigating past versions of Spotify, if you ever wanted to go back to the song that was playing, all you had to do was click the Album Artwork box in the bottom left corner. Now when you click it, you're taken to the playlist or page that the song is playing from, but it won't have the song front and center like before, forcing you to scroll around until you land on the playing song.

This feature was especially usefull when you were scrolling through large playlists where the song that's playing lives, and you wanted to get back to that track immediately. Please bring it back!


I see they updated the program again today YET STILL CANNOT CLICK ON ALBUM ART AND GOTO THE SONG IN MY PLAYLIST.  Spotify developers are missing the boat on one of the most important features that they used to have.......  DAMNIT SPOTIFY....bring the feature back

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