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Bring back clicking on album art to jump to where the song is playing from (desktop)

Bring back clicking on album art to jump to where the song is playing from (desktop)

Normally, clicking on the album art should direct you to the song since version 1.0.5.
If that does NOT work for you: Start a playlist and post the following information so we can check it out further:

  1. OS (Mac, Windows)
  2. Spotify Version (Menu => Help => About Spotify)
  3. Hardware Acceleration enabled in settings (yes/no)
  4. What happens when you click the bottom left album art?



With the new 1.0.5 update this should work again.


Original text:

Before today's update, you could click on the album art to go to where the song is playing.

For example, if I'm playing "Pirate Hooker" by Zomboy, it would jump to the playlist, and scroll down to the current song and highlight it.

If I would like to play more songs from Zomboy, that I have in the same playlist, I could sort the playlist by artist, and then click on the album art in order til get to those songs. In the new update, you have to scroll manually to the songs. I have a single playlist with all the music that I like (almost 3000 songs atm), and when I use the scroll bar, the list just 1-2 screens in one pixel.


In the new update, all clicking on the album art does is going to the playlist, radio station search query. It does not scroll to where the item is.


I really don't like what you are doing with the desktop client. First, you increase the distance between lines, making it harder to browser long lists, then you **bleep** up the activity feed and remove apps, and now this? And also you are making buttons bigger, allthewhile making text (especially timestamps) smaller. I believe you should listen to this community, and not just put all ideas on "Not right now". A very small fraction of your user base actually gets here to make suggestions and/or complain, but that does not mean there are others who share their opinion. Although the client looks much better that it has ever done, with its "modern" UI elements and design language, it does not matter at all to me if the funcionality is worse than in the elder versions of the client. You have to go back, in order to go forward.



Truls Bekk

101 Replies

This is definitely THE most annoying thing about Spotify right now, which I otherwise love.  But more than clicking the album art to go the song in the playlist, why can't there just be a menu item directly to REMOVE SONG FROM THIS PLAYLIST?  Why two clicks at all?

Same here...still doesn't work. It may have been addressed before, but it definitely was not fixed.

Hey @pwn0graphy could you let us know exactly which version of Spotify you have installed on your desktop?

Meridith, you're question seems odd considering there are countless comments on here mentioning that this obviously needed feature isn't there. Asking what version someone is using seems like a lazy attempt at ignoring the hundreds of requests that have been in this forum for months now.


I suppose the next step is for you to tell us that you'll submit the request to the developers for consideration of future updates? Yes, we've heard that for months now....and Spotify continues to ignore it's users. It's not as though this feature is difficult to's already been a feature in the past, and for whatever unknown reason, they decided to remove it. 


Please quite wasting peoples time and place this feature request in the "get **bleep** done" folder. Thanks. 


Switch off sorting in the columns of the playlist, then it will work.

Nope, still doesn't work for me.

Thank you Hans-Jürgen! This worked! Never thought it would be so easy xD

@needforname this feature rolled out with our latest update (1.0.5). Confirming which version a user is on is extremely helpful to give information back to the teams here at Spotify. 


This should currently work when you are playing from a playlist. If it isn't working we'll need full details:


1. Your device

2. Your device's OS

3. The Spotify app version

Currently running OSX Spotify v.


As pointed out above if column sorting is not on this feature works fine but once column sorting is on it no longer works, looks like its still a little bit buggy but I can live without column sorting until this is rectified.



I can confirm that it only works if you do not have any column sorting set.

Ok...well, I'm using the latest version of Spotify, on a Mac running Mavericks and I'm still unable to jump to latest song. Am I missing something? 

What do you mean by "colum sorting"? I'm not seeing any option in my Spotify. 

If you click on any column header, it will sort by that column - see attached grab, noted in red.

You click once to sort, once more to sort in the reverse direction, and once more to turn off sorting.


If you have any column activated in this way the "click album art->jump to item" funcitonality doesn't work.


Hey Billt555....I tried that doesn't work for me. Thanks though. 

Confirmed. With no column sorting, version, on
windows 8 64 bit, does support the "click thumbnail to go to song in
playlist". With column sorting, it no longer works.

Comfirmed as well, using same version


Had to reboot Spotify for it to work.


Edit: lol newbie

Turn off  Hardware Accelerator....that worked for me.

When I remember right there was a time this function worked with activated column. Could it be?

What is the problem that it doesen't work with activated column? Or is it a Bug?

Glad it worked for you....still nothing for me. I'm using latest Spotify version, have reset it, have tried disabling column sorting and everything. 

Hey everyone, thanks for reporting the issues some of you are having with this feature. 


We are investigating this as we speak and we'll let you know if we have any updates. Thanks!

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